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Features of zinc-nickel infiltration layer
A zinc-iron alloy layer generated on the steel surface through reaction and diffusion
Infiltration layer forming process: Adsorption, absorbing, diffusion → formation and growth of new phase → atomic diffusion
Zinc-nickel infiltration layer
The alloy layer is generated on the steel substrate and forms metallurgical bonding with the substrate. There is a corrosion-resistant diffusion layer.
Corrosion resistance mechanism of zinc-nickel permeating layer  
The permeating layer is composed of a surface settled layer and a substrate diffusion layer. The rust protection principle is to provide electrochemical protection to the steel substrate by use of the electric potential of ferroalloy layer lower than that of steel substrate;
The recombination action of zinc-nickel reduces the electrode potential of the surface permeating layer, reduces the corrosion current and slows down consumption to the zinc-iron alloy layer;
Zinc-iron alloy layer and diffusion layer form a protective layer together;
Protective effect: Up to 6000 hours of neutral salt spray test.

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